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upcoming activites

[y] club sail: september cruise

[d] social sail (pm high tide)

  • WSC: LW 10:37 / HW 17:06 / LW 22:59 - Meet at WSC, time TBD - Sunset 18:56

[d] social sail (pm high tide)

  • WSC: LW 11:29 / HW 18:04 / LW 23:54 - Meet at WSC, time TBD - Sunset 18:54

[y] club sail: nothing special

[y] club sail: evening club sail

[d] social sail: wilford bridge (lunch)

  • WB HW 12:49 - Meet at WSC 09:34 - Sunset 18:40

[d] match race & bbq

Annual knock-out competition with helms going head-to-head in Xenons around short course with BBQ and Laser support acts.

[y] club sail: evening club sail

[y] training day 9

[y] night training 2

adastral park sailing club

We're a friendly sailing club based on the east coast of England, near Ipswich (Suffolk). Our location offers a superb variety of sailing in the sheltered rivers and estuaries of the Suffolk and Essex coastlines and offers ready access to the open sea beyond Felixstowe for passages to other areas of the UK and Europe.

New members are always very welcome. The club is open to everybody irrespective of sailing experience, although all members must be 18 years or older. You can join the club for dinghy and/or yacht sailing and at a level that suites you from complete beginner to experienced boat owner.

Membership - There are three types of membership. Yacht members (~£175pa) can skipper, train or crew on Carina as well as use the dinghies. Dinghy members (~£65pa) can helm, train or crew on any of our five dinghies. Owner members (~£17.25a) have their own boats and can join in club events such as races and rallies. The club is fortunate in having a local boat hut and storage yard for owner's boats. (These fees exclude £24 AtLAS membership).

The club does not aim to make a profit and we operate in such a way as to keep costs down. This allows a variety of sailing at a cost much lower than commercial rates. Examples for dinghies: an evening's training £19; a whole day's private hire £13-£24.50. Similarly for the yacht, an evening's training £22.50; a weekend day £102; a place on the summer cruise £186.

If all this sounds good and you'd like to know more, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via the contact form on the Contact tab above.